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CA new laws pertaining to Medication/Treatment
I have noticed since July 2016, that my work comp carrier has been questioning every treatment plan.  Today I received a letter from "Peer Review" stating Medication will be filled until "WEANED" then all  Medication will be denied... WTH!
So I called my Adjuster who stated there's new laws in California for Patients on "Pain Management  She said I needed to contact my Attorney and discuss the new laws and how they will affect me, since my Case is Closed.  She also told me to Fill Out the "application for Independent Medical Review Form IMR" and get my medical records as soon as possible. I have 10 calendar days... The papers are dated 12/20/2016 I just got the today!  Thank goodness I called my Adjuster to tell her I just received them... Now let the games begin!
So researching online I discovered that Yes there are new laws effective July 2016 pertaining to Medication Pain Management.  153 pages worth, interesting read but makes your head spin! 
My question is If my Attorney Office is saying "We have settled your claim (Lifetime Medical w/ C&R) and no longer received adequate medical information we cannot assist you in this matter... but I thought he was suppose to continue to represent me should any issues comes up such as this?
Secondly, If my pain management doctors are not available to answer questions from Peer Review when they call, what am I suppose to do?
I honestly feel that now that my case is settled I am left drowning trying to figure how to get adequate treatment, medication and referrals.  this is not was my attorney told me when we were settling my case! He said I would always be treated with no problems!
Babebahn..."Tongues don't have erasers"
Injured 1999 3 level anterior cervical fusion 2001
Settled Work Comp Case 2006 w/ Lifetime Medical Currently, C7-T1 is being watched will possibly need surgery front/back fusion from C3-T2, lower back needs another facet injection.

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CA new laws pertaining to Medication/Treatment - Babebahn - 01-04-2017, 07:40 PM

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