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NJ 2005 injury IME 2nd injury fund
(12-21-2016, 05:31 PM)California_Help Wrote: I crannot answer your work comp questions as I am not from your state. 1171 will hopefully be by soon.

I can provide you with a link that may provide some help for you (not sure). This is a non profit patient advocate foundation that helps patients with chronic, life threatening conditions. They do not help those with work comp claims but I think they may help you with the things you are being denied and not covered by workers compensation especially the medications you cannot afford. You can call and talk to a nurse case manager who may have you fill out an intake form to see if they have any resources to help. I would explain your condition is life threatening and you are asking for assistance with things that are not being covered by work comp or denied. There are non profits that help patients pay for medications and medical treatment, and this is just one. Please let me know if they were not able to help you and if so the name of the person who did not help.

I also wanted to mention since your child is out of high school there may be scholarships available for them to apply to help for college. Kids Chance info is in a link above at the top of this site. Your attorney is correct that once a child graduates from high school they lose the SSDI. While there is nothing you can do about that, if you are interested I recommend checking with your department of social services if you now qualify for other benefits such as food stamp help etc. Most states now provide credit card type of food stamp. Within the link above for PAF they have a resources section that will do a look up of resources in your state for help with things like electric bill etc. Colleges do offer financial help for those who qualify. If your child is interested in attending college, I encourage your child to meet with a financial aid counselor and take advantage of it. There are also a lot of grants out there, that is basically free money for your child to pay for your child to go to college and pay for housing food etc. Applying for grants may help make up for income lost by SSDI and your child benefits by attending college full time.

I am sorry about the difficulties you have had since your fusion. I had a lumbar anterior/posterior 2 level fusion and I am much worse after, but nothing like what you are experiencing, God bless you. Can I ask if you only had your disc removed and not your vertebrae via corpectomy? I ask this because you have some symptoms patients have complained about after having a corpectomy. I also want to ask what surgery your neurosurgeon plans to do on your lower back after injections is it another fusion? I am surprised they are planning additional surgeries on you with your current condition. I don't know the WC rules in your state but I hope you have a second opinion process. I recommend seeing a neurosurgeon at a top university if you have not done so already.

 Do you have a family member or friend to help advocate for you and go with you to doctors appointments? Also, do you have Medicare? Medicare may pay for your denied prescriptions by work comp.

I am sending you a private message with some additional info. Let me know if you cannot locate the pm.

Thank-you for all of the help you have graciously offered me. I was a trauma RN for many years, that is the job I had when I had my original injury. Without the advocacy & support of my ex-husband I am not sure I would still be alive. We have 4 grown children together and a 3 y/o granddaughter who he has custody of. Three of our children live with us and our granddaughter. I had the fusion done anteriorly at 2 levels. I did not have the disc removed.  I herniated above at 2 levels below at 2 levels which c caused the chronic pain insomnia. 
I had a lumbar laminectomy at L3/4 in 03/2016 that didn't work. The neurosurgeon I saw from Philadelphia feels the issue is at L1/2 & asked my pain management doctor to do a diagnostic injection. Surgery after this if it helps I am not sure I would do yet the LBP is stopping me from being able to do anything.
The most devastating result was damage caused by the surgery to the nerves which control the R side of my throat, making swallowing impossible. When this first happened I thought it was just post op issues that would eventually resolve. After seeing a WC ENT who dismissed me with GERD having scoped me at least 10 times I was so frustrated. I constantly found myself clearing my throat a term I now know called "globus". I was sent by "accident" to a NYC ENT because the hospital I was at did not have the medical equipment needed to diagnose my condition. An on call ENT who saw me in the ER told me the tests I needed couldn't be done there because they didn't have the equipment. In NY I had an esophageal manmomenty, & an EMG of my esophagus. After these two tests I was lossing weight rapidly I was 105 pounds and the NY ENT sent me for an urgent peg tube placement. Later he explained the nerve stretching and the myelin sheathing that were causing my problems the stretched nerves never regained elasticity. A year out from surgery chances of the nerves ever going back were less then 1%. I was then sent for a second opinion to Boston the ENT there had the same dx he went on to say if I didn't have the Peg tube I would most likely be dead in 6 years from the chronic micro-aspiration. I had the tube removed due to chronic pain in my abdomen, later understanding I needed a bumper PEG which keeps it in one place stopping the rubbing caused by balloon type. I have had a feeding tube for over 8 years now, I am allowed to eat for taste only. The IC stopped sending the"food" ordered by a nutritionist and for the last 5 years I have used OTC type supplements. I have maintained a healthy weight. 
I had previously been an avid runner, slowly the Chronic progression of COPD has taken that away from me. I feel I have lost so much of who I was, my career which I loved and I was very good at, my one activity I did to relieve stress, my ability to even function as a mom, a wife, even a friend have been taken from me. If it hadn't been for the birth of my granddaughter who has a branchial plexus injury related to shoulder dystocia i know I would have taken my life. The depression is overwhelming the IC has done so many things to make me look crazy, undermine my progressive, fatal lung condition, and make my depression so much worse they approved then the day before denied my appointment at a psychiatrist that I requested for my depression they called the psychiatrist office and told the staff and psychiatrist I was noncompliant with my pain medication the secretary told me this. The psychiatrist sent me a letter stating the IC called and denied payment therefore she did not want to burden me with the expense. They later sent me to a psychologist at one if the many pain management doctor's they tried before settling on one. The psychologist found me to have major depression yet it has never been addressed by anyone. My children are 25,24,22,20 due to my financial situation abd only my youngest went to college, she left after one semester because she didn't want to leave me. I wish everyone could understand this type of injury leaves scars on a family not just the injured worker. The sif I was hoping to be eligible for since 53% of my ACE with my SSD is hard to support a family on.

IC has done so many questionable things surrounding my case. I also find a conflict of interest because the IC uses the hospital/doctor's that were my employer. Thank-you for the advice, more the compassion. I have had a rough time with the lack of compassion NJWC, and the IC express minimizing my medical issues making me question what I know as right. Again thanks. 

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