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NJ 2005 injury IME 2nd injury fund
I was injured in 7/05 had an ACDF 2 levels during surgery nerves in my throat were permanently damaged. I was sent for a second opinion by NJWC to Boston the ENT specialist found same damages requiring a feeding tube for the rest of my life due to chronic aspiration. The chronic aspiration has led to COPD limiting my lung functions to about 53%. I never smoked. The fusion failed herniating above and below the fusion also led to a second surgery at C7T1 due to nerve root compression. I also developed septic shock due to an infection from a portacath which left me with adrenal failure that WC has not founded relating to my compensable injury. My pain management doctor authorized by WC didn't want to write scripts anymore for patients not living in NJ he referred me to another pain management doctor closer to PA. WC never authorized him, and never sent me to another pain management doctor. The referred doctor takes my personal insurance and I have seen him for the past 1.5 years. I developed severe low back pain & my attorney told me it was not related to my compensable injury. I have been treating this with the same pain management doctor as my neck. I also had surgery on my lower back that didn't work and saw a neursurgeon in Philadelphia who is having my pain management doctor due injections at a different level then the surgery. WC had also sent me to pulmonary doctor for COPD, the original pain management doctor felt Diastat would be an option to help my chronic laryngospasms. It was working. WC had authorized this medication for over 2 years then suddenly stopped about 2.5 years ago I could not afford to pay for this medication and have suffered with the aspiration from chronic spasms since. I have an order for antibiotics if I feel aspiration is leading to pneumonia. I was sent to an IME at an urgent care back in August 2016. I have no idea what the results were. I was told I had an appointment with an IME pain management doctor 2 hours away. WC had sent me to about 5 different pain management doctors prior to the original one I had been seeing.The IC arranged transportation I saw him 12/2016. When I got there he was pleasant, asked me if I heard he was taking over my care for pain management. I said no and him being 2 hours away it would be impossible for me to travel that distance monthly. He did a urine drug screen, evaluated me told me my case was extremely complicated he looked at my peg tube and said he wasn't going to disagree with that, listened to my lungs and found they were very diminished. I told him that was a consistent finding with my PMD & I gave him the pulmonary doctor name I saw in NJ. He did a neuro evaluation found my reflexes abnormal and told me he may be seeing me again so he would recommend a tricyclic antidepressant for sleep. I woke up the next morning not being able to move my neck, barely able to stand on my L leg due to LBP. I had an appointment with my pain management doctor the next day. I told him about the tricyclic antidepressant he told me I would not tolerate this medication. I was wearing a soft collar due to severe pain. My doctor acknowledged this was related to the long drive, which is what did happen. I don't tolerate more then 45 min in a car without suffering after for days. My attorney told me he wants my case to finish up in January. I emailed him about the IME doctors opinion & about my pain from the long drive as well as my pain management doctors advise. My attorney was well aware of the Diastat medication not being approved, also of other previously authorized medication not being approved which I have continued to pay for. I also receive SSD since 2009 in 2015 my youngest child graduated HS I lost the family benefit which has since taken my income to 53% of my ACE. I did ask my attorney if I could do anything about this and was told no. I also asked my attorney about the second injury fund and he has not answered my questions. I did have the second injury occur from the surgery of the original injury. I am lost as to what is going on here. There was also a time frame where the IC said I was noncompliant this was unfounded in court and I was issued part if the money back in a voluntary tender, the remainder I have never seen. I have asked my attorney if I would get this back at the end as well as all the medications I have paid for that were previously authorized. He originally told me yes, now says maybe. is there anyone that can help me answer some of these questions. I appreciate any feedback. Thanks

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NJ 2005 injury IME 2nd injury fund - Chanel725 - 12-21-2016, 04:16 PM

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