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Poll: is it likely my case will get dismissed?
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QME on 10/25 for plantar fascia and lumbar spine injury
I was diagnosed by my employer's insurance Doctors as having plantar fascitis and a lumbar spine injury. Plantar fascia is a foot or ankle injury that is caused by excessive standing, walking or running. Lumbar spine injury is caused by trauma. However, these injuries occurred more than a year ago, and while I have improved, my back still hurts just not noticeably. I'm afraid that when I have my QME, the Dr. may dismiss my case due to my lack of obvious injury. Lately, my pain has primarily been in my back with my right foot still having the sharp pain in the morning and sometimes through the day but nowhere near as bad as when it was first diagnosed. My back, however, has only gotten worse. From the outside looking in, one wouldn't know it if you saw me run or lift something heavy. The pain sets in when I walk, sit, drive, swim, have sex, or sleep at night. Is it likely my case will get dismissed without a settlement or no?

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QME on 10/25 for plantar fascia and lumbar spine injury - jarimiah - 10-09-2016, 10:55 PM

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