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Spinal Fusion and knee surgery scam
(08-16-2016, 03:31 AM)Bummer Knees Wrote: I've had a cervical spine fusion, with this the pain is still there but much better than prior to the surgery.  Plus with this surgery I has loosing use of my arms.  Pain free no, I use a tens unit and meds to help with the pain and will one day need another surgery.

With the left knee I've had two meniscus surgeries and one total knee.  Things are better with this knee than prior to surgery.  Before the TKR being on my feet was very limited due to not being able to bear weight due but a short time.   I still have problems with the knee 8 yrs after surgery, lots of swelling and pain.

With the right knee I have had two meniscus surgeries.  Prior to surgery walking was limited due to pain and the knee getting stuck in the flexion position.  I need to return to the surgeon due to pain in the lateral meniscus.  I am afraid I will be needing a knee replacement as the meniscus can only be repaired so many times.

 I am sorry you are still dealing with some issues, but it sounds like they both helped you, which is nice to read.
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