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Dealing with denial of medication in ca
Hi all,

I'm am from ca and have been in a accident in work that has left me basically wheelchair bound. I have severe nerve damage in my legs. Since I am not able to walk I am not able to do much.  So basically after being on Lyrica for 8 years. The insurance company said they will no longer be paying for it because they have seen no improvement of funcatonaility. My response to the doctor well what about how the medication makes the pain go away. The doctor said the state of ca does just approve meds just cause it makes your pain better there worried about Improving your function. But due to my injury since I cannot walk no use of legs or feet is there something I can do. I have rsd and chronic pain

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Dealing with denial of medication in ca - Animatedbreak84 - 07-14-2016, 01:18 AM

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