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Average weekly benefits
Well, the attorney for  the insurance company  wants workers' comp to dismiss the  matter because thousands of claims have been paid with that table, not because of substance. This sounds like acknowledging the validity of that claim. As a lawyer don't you think? One on  Lyon terrace told me  about this matter "that's how it is"  and mail me a response ( post dated) two days before a hearing. Are these the lawyers you talking about? I might not participate in your forum anymore, but keep your eyes and ears open, you will hear in due time a lot more about this, if I am not assassinated.

By the way you still don't sound like an injured worker, as a matter of fact  you sound less and less like one. I don't believe you are one at all. You sound like August who told me " I am a businessman, if you want to settle your case I will  help you..." At that time I was in and out of the Emergency Room for about three months with an injury that was never treated. he forgot  what the Hippocratic Oat. Do you by any chance know any of the lawyers  who used to work for their pay?  The blood has dried? 

have you discussed your legal theory with any attys or other legal experts?
I can't believe you would continue pushing this idea once you were turned away by those who actually know what the law states.

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