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I filed 3 business days ago... their carrier wants to talk already! Good or bad sign?
In Wisconsin...

Back issues... numbness in left quad, shooting foot pain in both feet, right hip/buttock pain, lower back pain...

I told my boss on the 14th of March I was hurting, and that I might go to the ER.... went to the ER on the 15th, got a three day work restriction, told I had sciatica... on the 18th, went back to work... was in worse pain, went to ER again, got restricted till the 23rd, referred to a family doctor.... saw family doc on the 22nd, he restricted me till the 26th, and after that, 2 weeks light duty pending the results of a MRI, with a follow-up app on the 5th. I have not had my MRI yet... it is scheduled for Thursday, the 7th. Also, until today (monday), I had not worked since the 18th, and only worked one day since the 14th. That is like 16 days of no work, because of restrictions or my light duty restriction not being honored. 

Up until the 29th, I wasn't aware that cumulative injury issues were workmans comp covered. Upon the advice of The Department of Workforce Development, I told my HR department I wanted to file a claim, and they told me to fill out an accident report. That was last thursday, on the 31st.

I stated very clearly on the accident report that I had none of these issues prior to working at my job, and that over the last 9 months, even though I can't pinpoint exactly when the injury occurred, I acquired the symptoms I described, which lead to my verbally reporting pain to my supervisor on the 14th, and my 1st ER visit on the 15th and the subsequent restrictions.

It is now Monday, and I got a call from my job's insurance carrier, which I missed. The person who called me wasn't available when I did call back.

Is it a good sign or a bad sign that the insurance carrier got back to me so quickly? I mean, on the third business day after I filled out the accident report... that's awfully quick.

Any advice from those that have been there?

EDIT: I talked to their carrier... got a claim number... is that good or bad?

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I filed 3 business days ago... their carrier wants to talk already! Good or bad sign? - AMSchmitt79 - 04-04-2016, 05:18 PM

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