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Have to give two statements to WC insurance?
(03-06-2016, 01:18 PM)mwpdx86 Wrote: Is this normal? I gave my initial statement over the phone to a WCI representative.  Got a call a couple days later, they want me to come in to their office and (it sounds like) give another one.  I couldn't really hear too well over the phone, the guy was talking a bit fast and the connection wasn't great.  Just wondering if this is standard though, having to give two statements to the same WCI people.

Don't do it.
They will be watching you when you get out of your car. They will have people out in the parking lot taking pictures of you.
Tell them you will send it in writing once they mail you the correct form.
They are not on your side, and going to the actual WC INSURER building sounds very unethical.
Trust none of them.
Go ask attorneys on avvo about this. Tell them the state you live in. Its free legal advice, from the comfort of your home.
They fall over themselves to answer you in 10 minutes. Then you clink on "most helpful" answer.
I thank each of them for their time. 
You might end up wanting to hire someone, but you really do not have to once you pick up the WC book of laws for your state. That is free also. Its easy reading.
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