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Does being fired for work restriction count as time loss?
Sooo, say I had a job spraying pesticides or something.  The protective equipment they gave me was inadequate and I got sick, and the doctor says I can't be around those chemicals anymore, so they put me on a work restriction.  They have me doing something something else for a while, fixing tractors or something.  But then they say "oh we ran out of tractors for you to fix so we have to let you go".  Does this count as time loss?  If so, how long would I receive these benefits?  This is assuming I'm still able to do anything I could do before, except spray pesticides.  I tried searching to find these answers but it seems like it's a less common situation, as it's not a complete disability :-/

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Does being fired for work restriction count as time loss? - mwpdx86 - 03-01-2016, 09:17 PM

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