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Recovering from shoulder surgery
My injury was 2005, left knee injury due to being untreated for years the right knee was added as well as the lumbar spine.  3 years and eight months after the injury the left knee was replaced.  I settled in 2011.

July of 2015 I had meniscus surgery, lateral and medial of the right knee.  I also had an ACL tear which was not repaired.  Medical was closed on this knee under work comp when I settled and my health insurance and medicare paid for the surgery.

3 weeks after surgery I had a couple of falls.  The shoulder started to hurt, an MRI showed a complete tear of a major muscle of the shoulder.  Surgery was December 17, 2015.  I had torn all three muscles of that shoulder with the middle muscle shredded and torn completely off the bone.  The muscle was reattached with four anchors drilled into the bone.

I saw the surgeon today and as severe as the injury was I am making good progress with the shoulder.

I am following the recovery route laid out by my surgeon and following the exercises shown to me.

Whild the end results may not be perfect I feel blessed to have the range of motion I have.

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Recovering from shoulder surgery - Bummer Knees - 01-27-2016, 09:05 PM

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