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Will signing a NOA form preclude me from taking further action against an employer?
I was injured on the job (hearing damage, tinnitus).  I had no reasonable expectation to need hearing protection at the time of the incident and it was a negligent act of fellow employees that lead to the burst of damaging noise.  And the tinnitus has been bad enough that it's caused me a lot of distress / loss of sleep / loss of quality of life.  

I am being asked to sign a notice of accident or occupational disease disablement form.  Does this lock me into only using workers' compensation?   From my understanding it is nearly impossible to sue an employer for injuries outside of workers compensation.

In the immediate future, I'm just wondering if I have to sign the form and if that locks me in.

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Will signing a NOA form preclude me from taking further action against an employer? - SoundofSilence - 01-13-2016, 08:33 AM

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