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Getting paid while seeking medical attention?
I'm from the state of NC. I got injured at work, but they wouldn't let me get checked that day. The day afterwards, the pain got too severe and went to see the in-house Nurse. The nurse finally sent me to the hospital to get treated.

Upon receiving my check, I noticed that they did not pay me for the time I was at the hospital getting treated. Is that fair or legal? 

Also, because this happened close to Christmas I was not able to work the day before Christmas Eve (per Dr's order) so therefore, I wasn't entitled to my paid holiday hours because HR said I did not work the day before the holiday (but i worked the day after the holiday). I missed the day before Christmas Eve because of the injury,  no fault of my own, & not because i was just goofing off. I wondering if I can do anything about this matter.


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Getting paid while seeking medical attention? - youavaj - 01-10-2016, 02:26 PM

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