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Out of work for nearly four months
I had injured my ankle at work on August 31, 2015 and had surgery for it on October 23rd, I have been out of both of my full time jobs since I was injured and my doctor wants me to remain out of work until January 27th. I've gone without my lost wages because supposedly their insurance company didn't even know I was out of work until after I had surgery. I had to get an attorney, I had my testimony in workers compensation court maybe a week or so after my surgery. A week after my testimony, I heard from my attorney saying that the insurance company and their lawyer decided to pay my lost wages for both of my full time jobs instead of the judge having to make a decision for them. So now it's December and I'm still waiting for this check and I get this contract from the insurance company listing my lost wages and their stipulation, they aren't going to send the check unless I sign it and my attorney said he didn't see anything wrong with it so I signed it. My attorney said I could expect the check possibly before Christmas but now it's the 23rd of December and still no check. I have contacted my attorney through calling him and email about four times now and he never got back to me. While I'm waiting for this check, the utilities are being shut off and the repossession process on my car started two days ago. This is my first job so obviously my first time on workers comp, I don't know what to expect and can use some advice. Also majorly in need of money, do you think maybe I could use my eight PTOs while I'm out out of work on workers compensation? I'm going on my fourth month out of work

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Out of work for nearly four months - RayC96 - 12-23-2015, 08:09 AM

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