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Can you Leave the Country for 2 Weeks when You Are on W/C
Been injured almost a year now. Seeing a doctor every month, he released me with work restrictions but my employer doesn't have a low duty position for me and I am staying home all time and getting payed TTD benefits. I still didn't reach MMI. My question is if I can leave the country for 2 weeks to see the family and come back? I am not worry about losing TTD benefits for those 2 weeks that I am outside the US, and when I come back if I would be still covered by workers comp?
Of course I would ask my doctor first for approval first and of course I would stay within my restrictions. Do I need to fill out some sort of request for leaving the state? (I am in FL).
I am planning to ask all this my lawyer too but I wanted to check it here if too if somebody had similar experience with leaving the country for 2 weeks while on workers comp.
Also do I lose my vacation time as well if I haven't been working all this year due to injury on work? 

Thanks in advance for all your help


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Can you Leave the Country for 2 Weeks when You Are on W/C - mike985 - 11-21-2015, 11:32 PM

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