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Back Injury Settlement
1st Post Hope Im Doing This Right---- Read whatever pops out at you.
I had a bad back injury, no fault of mine, had to get a spinal fusion, I almost died in the accident and on the way to the hospital.  I broke/fractured/punctured a bunch of other things as well be the back is the biggest problem.  I was in the hospital for a few weeks, the bill was about half a million when I left, WC covered it all. I'm still undergoing treatment for injuries.
I'm not even 21 yet and I am injured for life.  I had to drop out of college for a year and I can never run or jump again. (I'll spare you the sob story but you get the idea). 

Anyways I have an attorney, but haven't talked to him lately (Calling him ASAP).  I went to my QME a little, while ago, glanced at the percentages but havent gone over them thoroughly yet.  

I got a check in the mail today, it wasn't even $20k.  Is this how they offer a settlement? I thought it had to go through my attorney? But a check? It says non negotiable, this isn't enough money to cover a semester of college... It will literally cost me money since I won't get financial aid.  I "heard" that you usually get about half of your medical bills.  I was hoping for like 100K.  If this is it, I will use it to pay hobos to piss on the insurance companies buildings.

The hell is this crud?

The check says non negotiable. I thought they were supposed to offer a settlement... 

I'm a kid thrust into a world of BS and I really need some opinions.

Yes I will go talk to my lawyer.

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