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Proper Procedure for Returning to Work
Hi All - New to this forum and live in California.  Luckily, I found it.  I am getting ready to return to work at the end of the month but will need sedentary work after recovering from bilateral knee surgeries.  I was laid off (downsized due to use of electronic records it says) so have a note from my employer regarding that layoff to give the EDD.   I would like to look for work and file for unemployment in California. What exactly do I need from my doctor to present to the EDD so I can get some help with this transition so I can pursue any unemployment benefits which I may be untitled to.  Previously, I did desk work.  I was downsized after requesting medical treatment for a meniscal tear.  My employer let me go after I reported the injury and he was uninsured on the date of my injury.  This is a Unemployed Insurance Fund Case. 
DOI: 2014

1.  Can I look for light duty work and receive unemployment benefits? If so, what do I need from my doctor to give EDD for purposes of eligibility for unemployment?  I cant find any resource/information  on this topic. 

2. Also is it worth contacting the Department of Rehab?  Should I see the rehab people first or unemployment or both? 
My injury was in 2014.

Thank you, Phoenix rising.

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Proper Procedure for Returning to Work - DownbutNotOut - 09-06-2015, 07:34 AM

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