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Medication and Other Questions
(08-20-2015, 08:25 PM)Scooter123 Wrote: We saw a guy behind some trees in our backyard once. My spouse went outside and saw something and the person ran.
Haven't seen anyone else around but let them watch.
They will see me struggling to walk with a cane, unable to drive, I rarely go out because of pain. So more power to them.
Nothing is off limits for them when following someone.
Even my normal doctor appointments.....I am leary of people in the waiting room and in the parking lot.
Shouldn't be that way but unfortunatly it is.

Start with the lowest dose possible on the Lyrica. It's a nasty drug as well. And bump up the mgs slowly.

Lawyers....if I can't say something nice,I won't say anything. Mine has been.....frustrating.

Shame on you for making him work harder since the MSA is now involved.  ( I'm kidding) ?
As a note....he dosent draft it. It's the SSA that states how much needs to be out into an MSA for your injuries,  then goes to CMS for approval, then to DA and the IC for another approval and finally to your lawyer who makes adjustments and then back to CMS for final approval. At least in my state, it works that way.

You are the important one here. You were the one who was hurt and has to live with life changing injuries and disabilities. We are meal tickets to lawyers. Nothing more. Once you settle, don't be surprised if he won't take your calls or ever speak to you again.
Don't get me wrong, there are some good lawyers. A rarity,but some are. 
Your right, it is the WC system. I live in a pro employer state where the governor appoints people who have no legal background to be WC commissioners.

The IC is requesting I settle as well and mediation is coming up soon. I'm not at MMI and haven't had all my injuries addressed and it's been two years.
I'm so sick of this crap it's tempting but my thoughts are they ARE responsible for getting me medical attention for my injuries. Why should I let them off the hook?

Good luck!!!

Thank you for letting me know about your experiences with Lyrica as well.  I am trying the lower dosage.  Time will tell.  Like you say here at least they are responsible for all  my medical.  I don't know what I would do if I had to pay for the medicine and pain specialist.

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