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Medication and Other Questions
I live in Georgia.

I get a phone call from my attorney stating that I am going to lose my case because I stopped taking Gabapentin.  I explained I had a reaction to the drug.  I have had bad reactions to most of the drugs.  The side effects were worse than the supposed cure for pain.

I thought this was America?  Not a third world country where I am forced to take medication against my will because of adverse reactions in my body? 

I had an extreme allergic reaction to prednisone.  My symptoms were diarrhea, vomiting and I nearly passed out.  The Prednisone  also caused the bones in my legs to feel like they were breaking.  It was awful.  So I can't take that.  I made sure it is documented in my medical records.  In spite of that when I try out new medications the doctors try once again to put me on the same medication I reported  I can not handle.  My surgeon even ARGUED with me that there was no way I could have reacted to the Prednisone stating:  "Your own body produces steroids, so how could you have an allergic reaction?"  I chalked up his statement to him being a total ass, but I can't go anywhere else, stuck with him due to this being workmans comp.  So I put up with his bullying but insisted I will not take prednisone again.

I am angry.  Why should I be told I will lose my case because I react to the drugs they give me and can't take them?

Subsequently I am trying out a lower dose of a new medication now. The last one Horizant, I nearly wrecked the car.  I explained I don't want to lose my driving privileges due to drugs.  I am allowed by doctor to drive a car.

I have explained over and over until I am blue in the face that I am extremely sensitive to all drugs.  After surgery they had a very difficult time stabilizing me due to my reaction to the anesthesia.  One surgery I had I woke up to be told they had been working on me for an hour to get me back!  So for me I will opt out of future surgeries as I don't think next time I will wake up at all.  This has happened in 3 major surgeries for me.  Yet they still don't listen when it comes to my medications.

So yes to be called up and told I am going to lose my case because I opt out of drugs or certain drugs?  What the hell?

Any way my attorney tells me that they can't hurt me because this is in my records but I am so damn tired of their mind games and crap. 

On top of this my attorney gets upset because I filed for SSD.  I was approved immediately.  My doctors backed me.  Now he says this has complicated my case because of Medicare Set Aside.  He told me to file for SSD because I was about to run out of time to do so and would have had NO benefits. 

It has made it easier to pay the bills since workmans comp mind games are loving to send my weekly checks late.

Now workmans comp requested another deposition.  I gave them my first deposition in 2012.  Why out of the blue another depo?

I was trying to put this behind me, deliberately FORGET what happened.  I don't remember dates, etc because it has been so long.  I don't remember the sequence and what happened during the ambulance ride to the ER. 

I weaned myself off the morphine and oxycodone.  I did not want to become addicted.  I had already begun to get sick from those drugs due to my drug sensitivity.

Why won't these those with no designated father leave me the hell alone?  I just want to be treated like a normal patient instead of "guilty until proven innocent" every time I go in to see the workmans comp doctor.

By the way if it were left up to me, I would see another doctor, one never associated with my workmans comp.  The reason is so I could be treated like a real patient and not interrogated to prove my case.  Not questioned when I tell the doctor I can't take this medication.  

Sorry for the rant, but I should have the right to say, this drug is causing ill effects and opt out of taking it for that reason without threats of losing my case.

Sorry for the long vent.

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