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Partially Denied Multiple Body Parts Claims. Please HELP!
Hi all,
It’s sad that after all that long & hard working years for the employer and paying into the system, when it came to injury, the first thing my employer did was turning their back on me then trying to cover it up with all kinds of paperwork that they made me sign decade ago! Then come the doctors, the lawyers, the SSA, the EDD, etc., they were spinning me like a piece of meat with no regards, it’s very sad! Being a single parent with little education, raising 2 under age children with this condition, I think you know what my life is like!

Enough for whining, I have a question, but I have to explain it in detail so you have better understanding.

State is CA, I got injuries with multiple body parts, the shoulder rotator cuff tear, the Tennis elbow, the neck sprain, and the C-Spine due to herniated disc C3-C7. Everything has been going OK with treatments: rotator cuff surgery, chiropractor, PT, acupuncture, psychiatric, home therapies, etc. EXCEPT the IC denied Herniated Disc, said it’s not part of the claim. Here is the story:

When I first reported my injury in 2012, I reported everything above and an upper back pain, the IC Doctor diagnosed me with Strain Thoracic Spine T3-T5. And even when I changed doctors, no one bothered to re-diagnose my “upper back”, they kept what the IC doctor said about my upper back. Two years later, because they said they had to treat one thing at a time, after the rotator cuff surgery and other therapies, it’s time to treat my back, they ran an MRI, it came out NEGATIVE, they said nothing wrong! I was stunt, how could it be, the irritating pain like someone poking me with a pointed object that I have carried on my upper back for years came from nothing!? My PTP suspect it a Cervical-Spine instead. He requested an MRI C-Spine, IC denied, said it’s not related. The PTP suggested I go ask my family Doctor for an MRI. I did, the MRI came out POSITIVE with MULTILEVEL Herniated Disc from C3-C7!!! But the IC still denied it!

Now I know, it’s just between the “C” and the “T”, I wish I knew then, but even if I did, wouldn’t I be smarter than those pathetic doctors!

I saw the Panel QME twice and he put me on PS, he did not have my C-Spine MRI in his possession during the evaluations, he stated that I do have a work-related neck sprain. My attorney sent him my MRI; he said he stayed with his decision, the MRI means NOTHING to him.

I am on PD, SDI, trying to apply for SSDI…denied twice, food stamp…denied! Also when I saw my family doctor for the C-Spine MRI, he denied my treatment because he said that it is “work-related”!

Very frustrated, don’t know what to do anymore!  Please help!

Sorry for the lengthy post, any question, please ask.

Thank you for your kindness!!!

I wish I found this forum sooner!!!


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Partially Denied Multiple Body Parts Claims. Please HELP! - neckpain101 - 07-26-2015, 03:01 AM

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