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Looking for input - CA work comp *relapse
Hi - I really need some guidance, feedback, just a different perspective because I am going a little nuts here trying to figure out how best to help myself. I have an ongoing open work comp claim for medical only. I recently had to go back out on leave due to relapse. I had my QME recheck and am pending results, but my company's ins carrier for short term disability denied my claim. I have to appeal it. I have a work comp atty. I consulted another atty (employment law? I think?) and if I understand right, now need to find an ERISA familiar atty. No one I've talked to seems to be able to assist me with filing the appeal, so here I sit, scared to do it wrong and not getting paid.

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Looking for input - CA work comp *relapse - BB019 - 05-26-2015, 09:34 AM

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