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Office/Desk Job in PA... Cervical Herniation... Feeling Overwhelmed with what to do
Thank you Timothy. I actually didn't meet with him this morning. Due to the weather we had I rescheduled it for next Thursday. I'm sure they'll be eager to decline it as they are with any claim. Naturally they don't want to pay if they can avoid it.

It's not a problem to clear out my system which I'm 99% sure I'll have to do. I was thinking the same thing that you said about terminating my employment and such. I'm just concerned not only that I won't get much sleep but also I'll be relying again on even more prescription drugs. Drugs to sleep... drugs for the anxiety from not sleeping... drugs for the depression from having to take so many drugs. It's this lovely circle that I've been on before which I don't have to do any longer thanks to MJ. I've cut 90% of all my prescriptions over the years... so I guess I'll be back on that wheel again Sad

Again, I thank you for your advice!

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RE: Office/Desk Job in PA... Cervical Herniation... Feeling Overwhelmed with what to do - Sadie8 - 01-22-2015, 12:41 PM

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