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Need advice on getting a spine stimulator implant
Both of us have not noticed a loss in how well it works. I would make sure about the MRI's if that is important for you. I have had a couple times since I had mine that they would have done an MRI but I can't. Well I can have one of my head only and did do that. Tech had to call the doctor to make sure even after I told him the doctor that put in my SCS ordered the MRI so I think he would know. But I'm glad they were thinking.
Not sure if all are safe for MRI's now or if only some or if they might cost more. They might not get the leads in the same place in the trial that they do for the implant but I would think with being able to change the contacts they use it would just be a matter of getting the right comb.

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RE: Need advice on getting a spine stimulator implant - Manley2 - 07-28-2014, 05:37 PM

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