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4 months and no money or treatment
i was injured at work on January 20th 2014
seen 6 company refered Drs. none of which gave my companys insurance carrier he correct diagnosis of my injuries.
i did recieve temporary financial comp untill the end of March. when the comp stopped paying me that freed me up to seek my own Dr. i found a very good Dr. who properly diagnosed my injugery to my left shoulder and refered me to a hand specialist to treat my left wrist.
i had MRIs done to both shoulder and wrist.
shoulder has torn soft tissue and the wrist has a torn ulnar tendon and a tear in the sheath as well. i was scheduled to have invasive surgery done to my wrist to repair the tendon and the sheath on May 8th...
on May 7th workmans comp made a decision to no longer pay for any of the medical. there is undeniable facts that the injuries happened at work. there is undeniable proof of actual injuries. yet the comp insurance company had so far denied me of almost 5 months of financial comp. and i am currently 7 weeks past my scheduled surgery date. i have an attorney representing me and he is telling me it may have to go before a judge. but our court date is scheduled for November 20th 2014. any thoughts suggestions or insight that anybody may have for me?
getting very desperate and still in alot of pain. any help would be greatly appriciated.

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4 months and no money or treatment - dwgriff1967 - 06-30-2014, 01:30 PM

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