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I need help for the next steps!!
Hello, I will keep this brief. Basically I need to know what to expect from the point I'm at. Quick background. I live in Vegas. I was injured working out of town in North Dakota. I injured my lower back at work. I qualified for the state maximum weekly benefits which is $995.00 per week. I have jumped through many many hoops to get to this point. It has been 16 months since my injury and I've only received my third wage loss check. This is because they have fought me every step of the way. Then they would only approve everything up to a certain date. So I've gotten back pay checks of 13k, 23k, and 7k. They are finally up to date in paying me and I've received the last three checks on time. However I'm worried. If you are in this forum you probably know what it's like to deal with these mooks. If you don't reply in 30 Days we close your claim. If you don't submit a written appeal in 40 days we close your claim. If you don't send us you wage loss paperwork to this address between these hours, in this colored envelope on a half moon during low tide then you will no longer be eligible. Yadda yadda... so I'm naturally worried because I am finally caught up and what not but if I miss just one check it's back to late fees and bologna sandys. My life is in there hands and I don't want it like that anymore. My injury has left me unable to work due to 10lb weight restrictions along with no sitting, standing, walking, bending. So here's where my questions lie. Physical therapy has not helped. I have two more sessions. At which point my physical therapist will submit to my Dr that I have made nobprogress, or I have in fact been set back by some treatment. (Traction machine tore me up) at which point my Dr will then suggest injections. NOW... do I need to take these injections??? I am led to believe no. Because they will not help my condition. Only make it more tolerable. I refuse to cover the problem and have a useless back in 7-10 years. (I am 25). Next, if I refuse injections do I need to accept surgery? I MAY be open to surgery. Also would like to avoid if possible. Can they deny my benefits for refuse get either. Now I'm led to belive that they won't even want me to go for surgery. Due to risk and cost. So I believe they may try the settlement route. Which brings up my last question. What would I expect for an mmi? I've tried working at a help desk to supplement some of what wc is paying get me in good faith and my dr. Said no. So being that I can basically not work, what should my mmi be? I've read people having like 6%mmi or whatever. Getting offered 30k. That's bogus for me to think. Considering I will never work doing what I've went to school for again. I know how much this injury will cost me the rest of my life. So I won't accept no bogus offer. Nor will I hire an attorney to wait around on my sure fire case and dip his hand in my cookie jar when it all said and done. So any advice? Thanks in advance!

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I need help for the next steps!! - slipperydisc - 06-20-2014, 02:08 PM

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