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End of the weekend
My trouble was on the left side when this all started and it is slowly making trouble for my right side. Don't know if that is something they can add here but they have been treating pain on my right side.

Had to go into town Sunday morning to get cables because when he looked at it Saturday he broke one of the cables trying to get it off. Anyway I had a couple of other quick stops to make while I was in town. I say quick because I'd love to do more it's just not a good thing to spend too much time on my feet. But the funny part is I saw the first case manager from my company. I know both her and her husband and spoke to her husband but she always just turns and walks away.
It always makes me laugh because the last time I saw her before she retired was at my hearing and I can still remember how made she got at their lawyer. She was wanting things that the company lawyer was telling her she couldn't do. The hearing officer even asked them to step outside and talk before we were done. I won that hearing

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