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How Does Refusing Surgery Affect The Case?

I have had some nice responses to other questions here on the forum, so here goes again! I need 5 surgeries and say I decide not to do any of them, how does it affect the case. It's a New York Workers Compensation case.

I'm aware no one can make me undergo surgery, but how does
it effect my bi-weekly check? Can I stlll apply for SSDI by refusing
the surgeries. To be honest, I'm just looking down the road.
I have a lawyer, but curious to see what some might reply from
their own personal experiences.

I'm totally against back surgery and total knee replacement in both knees, right now! I need surgery for carpal and cobitual surgery but really not certain I want to follow through with this
either. If I decide against everything and tell the doctors will they then state I reached the MMI stage. Doctors and lawyer all recommend surgery, right now I can live with the pains. My goal down the line is to get a settlement and keep my medical open.

If anyone has denied surgery, I would appreciate hearing how it affected your case! Thanks again!


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How Does Refusing Surgery Affect The Case? - Scaffoldrider - 06-01-2014, 01:37 PM

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