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Back injury from work 2011 now having nerve damage
Hey anyone, was injured at work in 7/2007 and 9/2011 both back injuries. I started to have problems about Oct. 2010, numbness in my right big toe. I was eventually sent to a podiatrist 8/2011, ruled out neuropathy, because I am a diabetic. Discussed waiting and it would eventually go away, and if not surgical procedures. I chose to wait. 9/2011 I hurt my back again at work, and it was worst this time. The nerve damage progressed to the top of my foot, side of my ankle, left part of my knee and experiencing weakness and pain in my entire left leg. I finished treatment with comp doctor 12/2011 and returned to work. The comp doctor diagnosed me as having a sprain/strain in my back ... no xrays or anything. He release me to work as MMI maximum injury. I did not get an attorney. I went back to work with still having pain in my back. He was aware of this. I felt it would go away eventually. I continued to work. I was told I have 3 years to reopen my case. That is up in 9/2014. I called an attorney and they said they could not take my case. Would not give me a reason. Do I have any options? I gave my notice at work and applied for early retirement because I could not work like this anymore. I am paying with my limited income to be treated using my insurance. Treatment now is Physical Therapy, MRI and now a specialist to find the problem ... my cost is adding up.

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Back injury from work 2011 now having nerve damage - Rebecca - 04-11-2014, 02:16 AM

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