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P&S with a 30% wpi in Calif.
I've been declared p&s with a wpi of 30%. The insurance carrier has denied two surgeries my dr. has requested and I am going to a msc hearing in a couple weeks. The surgeries my neurosurgeon requested are 1.) C3-5 anterior cervical discectomy and fusion.
2.) L5-S1 posterior spinal fusion and decompression.

So I guess my question to anyone who might be able to enlighten me is....... What can I expect to happen when I've been declared p&s and have been rated with a 30% wpi and have not had surgeries?

I also wanted to mention that I went to a qme and the dr. was about 75 yrs old and had a little house on the prairie bag of relic looking exam tools. This dr. said in his report that I was basically faking all my symptoms and doing it for monetary gain. He also said that whatever symptoms I did have were not from a industrial accident. I have 10 Dr's on my side, who are all in agreement on my condition but I'm curious if this one (1) Dr. is going to just destroy my case? I guess we'll find out in a few weeks.

P.S. Anyone know how severe a 30% wpi is? My p&s report says i'm extremely bad but the rating seems low. I don't kmow, that's why I'm asking.


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P&S with a 30% wpi in Calif. - ShatteredSurfer - 03-06-2014, 04:39 PM
RE: P&S with a 30% wpi in Calif. - 1171 - 03-06-2014, 06:09 PM

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