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Medical records not sent to AME....Help in CA
I could really use some help regarding my last AME report. I was sent to the same AME I've had since my case opened in 2008. He has evaluated me twice and both times wrote very favorable reports.
But the last visit I had with him he told me "who did you piss off because the IC is bringing up your urine test which tested positive for anti depressants". I told him why would that be a problem, I have a prescription from my doctor.
After that he asked me how I was feeling etc. I told him I've gotten worse from the lack of treatment because the IC refuses to authorize anything for my herniated disc. In 2008 my mri showed a 3mm herniation in my lower disc. Since then I've had an new mri in 2011, which showed that same disc NOW at 6mm. That's 100% worse!! I also had nerve tests done and it showed abnormalities in my lower extremities.
The AME showed me my 2008 MRI, and said that's all I have. I only see a 3mm bulge! He said he did not have any new medical records, tests, or mri's. I called my attorney asap and told him that the AME did not have any new information, and they told me that it was the defense attorneys job to give the AME all updated information.
I don't know what happened or who dropped the ball because the AME wrote a very unfavorable report, and went against the prior two reports he wrote.
Does anyone know who is suppose to send the AME all my information?
How can this happen, and how do I fix this huge mistake?

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Medical records not sent to AME....Help in CA - IIGEMINI - 02-25-2014, 04:27 AM

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