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Attorneys seem to be pushing Settlement.
Hey all,

I'm very frustrated confused and angry. I got hurt on the job and my employer didn't submit any claims, almost a month after the original injury i was in the hospital due to an infection where the injury occurred. I have been since told I have MRSA as a direct result from the injury. For the rest of my life I will forever be infected with this ridiculous thing. Anytime for the rest of my life if I have any kind of opened wound I have a very high % chance of getting it to activate and infect which ultimately can kill me.

I hired these attorneys who said that they are pushing for court... well last night, they called and said the Insurance company wants to settle out of court. This situation started April 2013 and it has been recommended that I have a surgery on my injured part (foot) to fix a Neuroma and Planters Facitius problem that have since occured due to the way i had to change walking and what not. I can't walk for long periods of time Lucky to pull of 30 mins with minimal pain. I've been skimping on my pain medicines since I don't want to wreck my stomach, and I saw an orthopedic surgeon who put me in a Night splint and a Daytime Walking Boot since i'm a college student. I'm 31 years old and my future has been destroyed because of this.

My attorney said they have calculated lossed wages at 12,000 since april 2013 based on the percents. but now they want to settle out of court. I keep going back over this in my head and I'm spinning like a top. They told me to come up with a reasonable figure that I would accept, they will also try to come up with something reasonable and we will put it before the WC company.

My problem is ... IF i have any kind of surgery or open wound of any sort or break in the skin (even from an IV or Immunization), I have a high % of getting a MRSA infection in that area, IF i do get an infection I could DIE.

As i get older, my immune system will weaken, when that happens the infections are more likely to happen thus bringing death quicker. I can't even begin to put into words or numbers what my future is worth! Can someone please help me with this.. i have no idea what i am to be doing and I don't want to settle if it's going to screw me in the future.


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Attorneys seem to be pushing Settlement. - Jahlil0712 - 01-23-2014, 01:57 PM

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