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Lost in Maryland
I was injured on the job little over 6 months ago. Was forever before they sent me pay and wasnt even at the commission award amount. They then just stopped out of the blue. My injuries was a electrical shock and fall from ladder. My neck has since gotten better but back and shoulder pain still ongoing. I had a FCE prior to seeing the joke of a doctor for my IME. The FCE clearly states I'm not able to return to work. The 5 minute exam by the IME doctor states I am in excellent shape though in pain and able to return to work 100% with zero disability. My doctor is considering surgery and another doctor i saw in place of my regular doctor (regular doctor was on vacation) said I can only returned with restrictions. Im union so need to be 100% by union standards. I do have a lawyer and they have filed issues with the commission. My question is this, how is the settlement procedure decided?? Would my disability rating be based on the IME doctor?? I mean its obviously he is just stating things in favor of the insurance company. So if I go by his zero disability rating would I still get a final settlement??? Also isn't the insurance company required to make up the difference in the amount they paid and the amount I was awarded??? Thanks for your time

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Lost in Maryland - roughasher - 01-08-2014, 01:28 PM
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