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Welcoming Kids' Chance - Providing Scholarships to Children of Injured Workers
We are pleased to be partnering with Kids' Chance of America, an organization formed by professionals on both sides of workers' comp to provide educational assistance to children of people injured or killed on the job. It is a great organization, and in an adversarial world such as workers' comp, one of the few areas where all sides come together and agree on an important cause.

I encourage you to click on the banner ad above to visit their website and learn what they are all about. Their interest in us is our access to injured workers - they have a shortage of applicants in some areas, and want to get the word out about their program.

The state organizations that work with the national group have already awarded $5,000,000 in scholarships to kids in need.

Help us spread the word, and please pursue this for your own children if needed.


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Welcoming Kids' Chance - Providing Scholarships to Children of Injured Workers - admin - 12-06-2013, 06:12 PM

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