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Stacking of PPD ratings in WA??
(11-16-2013, 11:18 PM)doglover61 Wrote: Some good points, thank you! However, no, I did not 'hear wrong' or assume that PPD is a reward. Here is a cut and paste of article I found, although it pertains to Ohio so I did not think it might pertain to WA. Here it is.
YOU BOTH DONT KNOW WHAT YOUR TALKING ABOUT ....if you had one surgery and it didn't work then you had a full knee replacement and they closed your claim out .... as long as you didn't close your claim and get a rating on your first surgery then your good . That's the only way they can deduct any percentage.... of this is the first time it's been closed then the rating is done on the knee as one ,,,, and the only other way they can deduct any prior percentage on your knee is if your first surgery was on a different claim and closed out with ppd .. but if it wa closed with no ppd then your good either way ... and another thing a full knee replacement is not quantee of 50% I have no idea where you got that from... any other questions just ask ... I know

September 18, 2012

by William Parsons

If you are injured at work and your doctor assigns a permanent partial disability (PPD) rating, the worker’s compensation carrier has a responsibility to pay you the statutorily defined benefit amount. Certain types of surgeries result in minimum PPD ratings. For example, a total knee replacement has a minimum PPD rating of 50% whereas a meniscus repair carries a 5% minimum PPD rating.

Case law in Wisconsin makes clear that if an injured worker requires multiple surgeries from the same work injury, the worker has the right to stack any minimum PPD ratings. DaimlerChrysler v. LIRC, 2007 WI 15. Therefore, a worker who injures his knee and requires a meniscus repair (5% PPD) and later a total knee replacement (50% PPD) has a claim for a minimum of 55% PPD. See, MG&E v. LIRC, 2011 WI App. 110.

Recently, the Labor Industry Review Commission (LIRC) held that the stacking rules also apply to multiple joint replacement surgeries. In Knutson (dec’d) v. Flat Creek Eatery & Saloon, WC Claim No. 2001-055356 (LIRC May 24, 2012), the injured worker suffered an undisputed injury to his left hip. Subsequently, he underwent three total left hip replacements. In Wisconsin, a total hip replacement carries a minimum PPD rating of 40%. As such, Mr. Knutson claimed a 100% PPD rating for his left hip. LIRC held that multiple total joint replacement PPD ratings can be stacked.

If you have been injured at work and undergone surgery, it is important to make sure that you have been paid the minimum PPD required by law. Beyond this, your doctor can assign additional PPD based on loss of range of motion, pain, or other relevant factors. To make sure you have received all the PPD payments that you are entitled to contact an experienced worker’s compensation attorney"

I had ONE injury, one surgery failed, now second surgery, never recovering or being able to go back to work since first surgery. I think this article speaks specifically to this...does it not?

Appreciate your time...but not the reference to reward seeking or scamming.

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