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Quick question about Lumbar injury, rating, and state disability
Hows it going guys. I'm new here. Just posted about my settled case yesterday however I have a question for a friend. He had a lower back injury at work. He switched jobs awhile back, about 8 months because he couldn't do it anymore. It wasn't restrictions from a workmans comp doctor because they wouldn't aporove him. It was his own doctor while using his work health insurance that he had. Because of that he was on state disability for 6 months. Workers comp finnaly approved him last month and now is at physical therapy. He has a new job now too and yes he has a lawyer.

Here are the questions, mind yiu this was in new Jersey and still is.
Does he gave to pay that state disability back out of any settlement he would get?
And if so does he pay every penny bsck or a percentage?

What are the typical impairment ratings for a few bulging discs in the lower back and one in the neck? Also has degeneration. I know there is no average but what in your guys experience is the rating for Lumbar with just bulging and degeneration if he doesn't get any better. I heard Lumbar is usually a low number . Any average numbers or experience would be really appreciated. He doesn't need surgery.

Thanks so much for yiur time. I'm trying to help a good friend get through this as workers comp really put him through the ringer in the beginning.

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Quick question about Lumbar injury, rating, and state disability - Frayed - 10-27-2013, 01:19 PM

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