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FCE confusing
Dr said i'm MMI with an SI joint injury. Sent me to have an FCE done. When I went to the evaluation they were confused as to why I was there because I am on crutches. They even asked me if the Dr knew I was on crutches. I said yes. They still seemed confused by me being there and asked me if I knew what the test was. I said yes.

I can't sit down, I can't walk without crutches. Even with crutches I am limited. My injury is so severe they called my Dr and said I shouldn't be there because I can't do the tests. Dr said do what they could because they need numbers. I couldn't complete 3/4 of the test and I had to lay down crying my eyes out for 30 minutes during it.

6 weeks after taking the test my Dr said I'm MMI, permanent total disabled, but he said the test show "limited work capacity". How is that possible? They said it's not light duty.

What is limited work capacity? How did they determine that while i'm on crutches? I lost LTD because of this. LTD said it meant I could work in some capacity. Even though its just a little. What? I can't sit or walk. i've been on crutches 9 months and the si joint is getting worse. My ky work comp attorney better be ready for a fight.

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