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will i still be on light duty while waiting on my appeal
I am in Tennessee. I have pain in my shoulder and neck, I thought it was from years of over head repetitive motion and stated this when I filed my claim. My dr thinks I have an impingement or cervical spine issue from the ergonomics of my work environment and my claim was denied because I thought it was repetitive and it isn't. Dr states plainly the injury was caused at work just not repetitive. My dr. statement runs out tomorrow for light duty and I filed an appeal Tuesday so my question is are they going to make me go back to my full duties or will I stay on light duty until my lawyer gets the appeal approved? I didn't get to return to my second dr appointment because they denied my claim and cancelled it.

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will i still be on light duty while waiting on my appeal - cbcalles - 08-28-2013, 08:03 PM

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