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My workers comp nightmare!
(06-13-2013, 11:20 AM)mrclean331 Wrote: I am new to the site and have some inquiries. I live in Ohio however my claim is in Minnesota. I am a truck driver and my companies headquarters is in Minnesota.

Two days after Christmas I was working and I had a bad fall from the back of a semi trailer onto concrete. I rearranged my knee in a bad way. Displaced fractured patella, quad muscle rupture, complete rutpure of the patellar tendon, and the list goes on. Workers Comp mad me sit and wait to go see a Orthopedic Doctor for nearly two weeks while my knee was getting bigger then a beach ball.

Ever since that first phone call from them it has been a u hill battle with one good leg. To shorten my post I am six months and nearly a week post op from my reconstructive surgery on my knee. I have been battleing with severe pain everyday. I kept telling my adjuster and my ncm that there is something wrong. I shouldn't have this pain. Their reply was pretty much the same thing. "You don't have pain." For the past month or more my pain has been getting worse. Workers Comp won't listen, my Orthpedic Doctor won't listen. I was at my wits end.

On Friday my company and workers comp got my new restrications and they were the wrong ones and the next thing I know I am being told I am to return to work and drive semi truck again. I told them I wouldn't be able to pass the physical. They wouldn't listen. Whelp I failed my physical. During this time my pain is getting worse. I kept telling them they told me its because I had to sit in a car. I sit 95% of the time during the day. A car ride shouldn't brother me.

On Thrusday my wife told me that she was taking me to the ER and I wasn't to argue with her about it so I went. I told the ER Doc what was wrong and how long it has been going on and the rushed me to x-ray. The took three x-rays and I they wheeled me back to the room. I haven't had and x-ray of my injury not since three days before my surgery. I asked my adjuster about it and why haven't I recieved and x-ray or mri. The answer I got was you don't need one. The surgery went will with no problem. I don't remember her doing the surgery. Well I guess they now my body better then I do and I don't know when something is wrong.

I did ask for a copy of them too. Just in case. Well as soon as I saw the nurse come into my room with a knee brace I knew something was up. I was nearly about to cry because I was in a brace and cast for 3 months. I asked her what is going on. She wouldn't answer me and told me the doctor will have to tell you. The doc comes in and informs me I have a severe sprain in my knee and my kneecap is still fractured. I stopped for a moment and looked at my wife and told her they tried to put me back to full duty earlier this week.

They sent me home and told me no weight bearing and do a follow up. I called my NCM this morning and left a message informing her of the happenings last night. It wasn't three minutes later the adjuster calls and she was very upset.

She told me that you are six months post op you don't have pain. You will make an appointment with you doctor right away. She went on and on. At one point I stopped listening. The funniest thing about my the phone call wasn't the fact that I went to ER or the fact I or the fact I am still injuried. It was the fact I didn't go to my light duty job today. I told her why. I told her I don't think it would be right for me to go into a charity that deals with children while I am under the influence of a narcotic. She pretty much told me that was no excuse.

My Workers Comp nightmare.

Workmans comp has to pay for a second opinion if you ask. Start by finding your own specialist make an appointment and the new doc's admin will do the rest by getting your appt approved. Don't delay get that second opinion right away the ortho doc will oder the MRI and CT you need.

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