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SC workmanship comp newbie & shocked
In fell at the office April 30. Immediately my HR person reported it and got a case # assigned, so it was no problem as far as my employer. "Naive" me went immediately to my orthopedist's office. I was shocked when it was such a big deal that I fell at work. I had to pay for my visit that afternoon.
To make a long story short, finally a MRI was scheduled by WC. My orthopedist office called me in and said I needed surgery on my knee. Only arthroscopic, thank goodness.
My question is, where did WC go? After I informed my rude and obnoxious WC representative I needed surgery they immediately asked for all my records. It's been over a month and I can't get any answers, by phone, email, or fax. It's like they disappeared. I am working, but in pain. I have a pre-existing back fracture that makes my back very fragile. I take medication daily for this, but the constant limping is causing lots of problems with this in addition to the knee pain. The only communication I've received from WC is a prescription card for use with drugs related to my injury.
I have an appointment with an attorney Monday. I am assuming I need one. If I could use my own insurance I would already be on the road to recovery. What a messed up system! How does WC have the right to delay appropriate medical treatment and cause this type of frustration to people? I work for a managed care company. If we treated our insured clients like this we would be out of business! Immediately I was treated like a criminal.

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SC workmanship comp newbie & shocked - Bethtanker - 06-08-2013, 08:45 AM

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