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Found to be at MMI & Benefits stopped
Fell off a Bus. I am a bus driver. Been off work since july 2011. **no names please** paying benefits through 2 surgeries till last Thursday.

My Treating Doctor , **no names please** found another 3rd new tear on MRI last month , and requested another 3rd surgery, was denied by the insurance company , and is filing an appeal, . I also have back problem from related surgery in 1984 and insurance company refused to acknowledge back and feet problems.

MMI ordered in the meantime by the insurance company and Idiot chiro-quack MMI 'doctor' , yeah, the guys who is a chiropracter and couldn'rt even get into Med School) diagnosed MMI disability at 2% (and also reaggravated my injury , and so the Insurance company stopped benefits as of last Thursday.

I am in awful pain in back and knees still, especially since MMI chiropracter reaggravated injury, and I still have the Meniscus tear , that treating doctor who did previous two surgeries from fall) wants to operate on to repair. Doctor is now appealing to **no names please** pre- auhorization. I am Looking for permanent disability.

What do I do? Would there be any interest in this for a Lawyer? In Texas there is no settlement.

Can/ Should I file a disagreement with this 2% rating through Texas workforce commission ombudsmen?

How can I be at MMI when my Surgeoun has done an MRI< found another different tear, and ordred surgey, and how can it be denied??

I am still on light duty orders ( cannot go back to my previous heavy job ) from my treating surgeoun, and now have no income. So I'm freaking out now , since my old job is too strenous and don't have any source of income.

What about Social security? Unemployment?

Thanks so very much for your input.


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Found to be at MMI & Benefits stopped - kerrtxgjg - 06-04-2013, 02:57 AM

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