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Not depressed or in enough pain!

OMG! Does it ever end? I had an evaluation scheduled for this morning for the 3 lower body parts to start PT on. When I get there, and please keep in mind that I still drive one handed, I'm told that the Adjuster denied the claim for my shoulder, neck, knee and ankle and is saying that all that is picked up is my lumbar and thoracic spine. I have never injured my thoracic spine. I feel she is reading someone else's claim. I have called my attorney and am waiting for a call back today. Made it clear it has to be TODAY. The adjuster called my PT facility back and said she pulled the Judge's orders and it says " Only the thoracic and lumbar spine is included, No other medical documentation will be considered" Well that's not what I have from the Judge. Then she tells them that the shoulder was open and the Judge changed his mind. WHAT!!! Wouldn't my attorney and myself have a copy of this??? And why would the thoracic spine be added if I never injured it and never claimed I did???? ALso At this point the mental anguish has become too much for me. I will remind my attorney that I suffer from PTSD and depression (neither is work related) BUT this whole situation for the past 16 months has helped me to have one nervous breakdown and now I feel as if I am working on another. All I am trying to do is get well, physically and emotionally and am still being kicked at all turns. How can an adjuster refuse to do what the Judge ordered her to do???? I have given up.


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Not depressed or in enough pain! - capricorn - 09-13-2007, 11:18 AM

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