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Made a decisioin
(01-31-2013, 09:41 PM)Manley2 Wrote: Not sure what that really means.

In my case I would like to have settled a few years ago but it just hasn't happened. I'm kind of glad this has taken so long because I was told my back would only get worse. Well now over the last 5-6 months it has been. Does this mean a surgery? Who knows but if it does they are going to be the ones paying for it and not out of a set-a-side that may or may not of been figured to cover it.

I had my surgery, and was told now this is the strongest part of my body. any levels above or below fusion, would not be included in any future pre-existing injuries as far as my private ic . So if I can have them buy my painmanagement and meds out. I feel confident in my decision in my med buy out. Hubby, still isn't so sure. But If you hadn't had your surgery yet, you could always go back and appeal a worsening of mmi.
Also manley, my back went out and I would have excruciating episodes at least once a week. At that point I was willing to avoid surgery. Then that one week turned into two and then it didn't stop. My body was locked up 24/7 for at least three months. Only then did I decide I needed to have fusion. Hope that helps
May my personal experience help others. No question is stupid.

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