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Reopening case/appealing guilty judgement? Help!
Ya going to the Legion and spending time is one thing, doing anything in a "work" capacity no matter if she was compensated or not was the totally wrong thing to do I'm sorry to say. Having people testify that she only "worked" a little and didnt get payed just made it worse because even if it was "work" feeding starving children it qualifies as "work" which you are expecting an insurance company to pay her to not do. If her attorney didnt warn her against such things and then tried to make it right by explaining that the work she did wasn't really work work then he probably never worked a comp case in his life. Luckily if she is involved in the Legion she has a lot of contacts and likely someone that can get in touch with a state rep.

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RE: Reopening case/appealing guilty judgement? Help! - Stormy - 01-20-2013, 05:48 AM

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