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Can I fire my lawyer or contact insurance carrier if he refuses?
HI everyone. I'm here in NY for thoughts, ideas and suggestions. I have made it through the frustrating and degrading workmen compensation process due to a permanent work related injury. My lawyer contacted me about 6 weeks ago to inform me that he was offered a settement by the insurance carrier on my case. I informed him to take it and let's get the offer for me to sign. I have tried to have him call me back for the last 6 weeks, but no response. Today, I spoke to his partner who informed me that he sent back a counter offer for 50,000 more. My agency is self employed and they do not have large sums of money to play with or give to me. I left several messages for my lawyer that it is NOT in my best interest to counter and agree to the original sum that was offered to me. WHat can I legally do? He is NOT returning phone calls or faxes. Can I contact the insurance carrier and move forward with them and still just give him his percent? Is there anything I can do? Thank you

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Can I fire my lawyer or contact insurance carrier if he refuses? - fedupagain - 01-09-2013, 12:51 PM

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