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Can my attorney send out a offer to ic
I looked at my paper work I'm sorry it's 100 percent temporary impairment from the neck and shoulder specialist both doctors and the IME doctor report said I have a marked partial temporary orthopedic disability now with that said should I ask my doctor for the disability rating and I talked to my attorned about sending insurance company a demand letter because of my financial situation he went on and on with waiting for a hearing date he dint even try I think he don't even care about my finiacial situation and me loseing everything I worked for I'm a single parent with two boys that had to drop out of collage because I can't afford to send the back to school so sick of it I just want to settle and move forward with my life can anyone please give me some advice why my lawyer won't call the ic or send letter of demand and what can I do please help I'm loseing everything

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RE: Can my attorney send out a offer to ic - Speedyro1970 - 11-18-2012, 11:30 AM

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