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Good news/bad news, hell who knows
Just got back from 4 hour round trip to mgt doc. They think either all the nerves in my shoulder are compressed (pinched) which if that is the case they have been for almost a year OR that I have a nice little case of carpal tunnel going since most of my hand is numb and has been for almost a year.

If it's carpal tunnel then they don't know where the pain and lack of ROM is coming from in my shoulder.

Just gonna chop the whole arm off and be done with it I think lmao. I was in MUCH better shape BEFORE the damn shoulder surgery but it had to be done as the rotator cuff was completely torn Sad

Sorry, just needed to gripe for a minute, now I'm over it (I hope) Smile

Hope y'all had a good day I may go to town or something for awhile.

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Good news/bad news, hell who knows - monster1963 - 09-20-2012, 07:39 PM

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