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knee injury at work
Well I've been trying to get answers for a while now, didn't know who to ask them to. Alright so, I got injured at work July 11th 2012. O did I report and work took me to an immediate care clinic. Once there, they had me see an specific Dr. which did some x-rays and right away said ice and you can go back to work later today, he gave me a shot of naproxen and what I didn't get, he also gave me crutches, he diagnosed me with a sprained knee. A van from work when to pick me up, I went straight to hr and the security coordinator said I couldn't go back to work if o was on crutches. Besides the shift was over. He told me to go home and rest and if I could, go tomorrow. Well the next morning I woke up and my foot was incredibly swollen and I had a lot of pain, I couldn't even stand. So I called and said I couldn't work, later they called and said to go back to the same clinic. When I arrived they were unsure if they could treat me, because the doctor that handled these cases wasn't there. Eventually they let me see another Dr. This time she said it seemed as if I had some fractures and that was causing the pain. She put me in a immobilizer and told me to stay of work till the follow up 2 days from then. I went to the follow up, I saw a different Dr. And again a different diagnosis he said I might have a torn tendon and told me to schedule an appointment at a Dr they would differ me to. At this point I called workers comp, and I asked if I could see my own Dr. They agreed and my Dr said it would be best to see an orthopedic Dr. I began seeing him he assigned physical therapy after seeing the MRI which showed a shifted knee. After 4 weeks I still had a lot of swelling and pain, he stopped physical therapy, and said I needed arthoroscopic knee surgery, it took a week for workers comp to approve it but they did. I am now recovering from surgery and will soon begin physical therapy,but have now began getting calls from a workers comp nurse that says she is my medical case manager and to address her for any medical question, authorization, or medical treatment. What should I do? Is it time I get a lawyer? Should I get a lawyer? It will be 3 months since the injury this 11th of august. I would appreciate any advice. Thank you all for taking time to respond, I would like to add that I'm in Illinois.

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knee injury at work - emora92 - 09-15-2012, 05:00 PM
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RE: knee injury at work - Timothy Belt - 09-17-2012, 10:15 AM
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