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MCO refuses to treat me anymore unless I sign agreement of treatment
SadI have a settled claim with Saif. They have Kaiser Permenante as my MCO and they have treated me for 10 years I have requested a new doctor and out of Kaisers care due to finding miss diagnoices, malpractice and Kaiser refusing to treat me unless I agree with and sign a form from them. They have been requested by me and Oregon Workers Comp. that I be opted out of Kaiser. Kaiser refuses to release me and SAIF says its up to KAISER. I refuse to go back to KAISER PERM. and Our states Workers comp board says all they can do is request what I have requested. I cannot beleive these agencys can decide my quality of life as they havefrom the start Saif & Kaiser that is. I gone without any pallative care for almost two years and my quality of life has taken a downfall due to lack of pallative care. Is thereanything I can do? My case has been a mess since I had surgery and settled with SAIF with many post operation findings by me. Even that my attorney had previously been a attorney for SAIF before private practice. Im getting close to being unable to walk among other related disabilitys due to lack of care and/or malpratice in KAISER PERMENANTES care.

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MCO refuses to treat me anymore unless I sign agreement of treatment - awolf58 - 08-13-2012, 03:12 PM

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