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frustrated with back injury
Hello fellow posters, I'm hoping someone can assist me with this question. I'm here in California with an open WC case where I've been placed on light duty by my Dr. My job doesn't offer light duty unless you're pregnant. My injury occurred last October and he just released me a couple of weeks ago for full duty with case still open as I had to go back to a physical job and a 5 day quarterly training I missed while out, and I hadn't done anything physical since my initial injury.Monday through Wednesday was ok, but Thursday and Friday my back took a toll. I thought I'd be ok as training always has you a little sore, but instead of it getting better, it progressively got worse and since yesterday, I'm back on light duty and physical therapy 3 days a week. My question is...(sorry for the long historySmile Due to the type of job I have and the injury I sustained, I'm now wondering if I should be looking to do something else that won't further injure my back. Can I quit my job and settle my WC case and look for a job that isn't so physically demanding or when I quit my job, does that automatically close my WC case? I have a few jobs lined up, but can't actually begin employment due to being on WC, although I'm more physically able to do these jobs then my current employer. ISad[/align] firmly believe that even if my back gets well enough for me to return to full duty, my job will only continue to create a problem for me.

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frustrated with back injury - cosmovixen - 08-04-2012, 04:05 AM
RE: frustrated with back injury - AQA - 08-04-2012, 04:15 AM

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