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work related car accident then fired?
(08-16-2012, 06:41 AM)Justanotherbluecollar Wrote: Thank you both for the posts above.

Well unfortunately they decided to move forward with termination. I didn't contact an attorney because my union has been overseeing this; but i did do what you said hurtback and have made a journal about the entire incident.

Here is the only end that i am confused about, and i have contacted a local WC law firm to get council about this, haven't heard back yet tho. I figure maybe someone on here might know. I never signed a release, but im worried about continued medical coverage in the future (I.e. further surgery) as that is not far fetched, but that is unknown and could be years before i would know i needed it. I would rather not settle for a lump sum but that may be a better option. I just don't understand my options in this.

Any web links would be greatly appreciated too thank you all in advance!

Sounds like you have a good case against them, you even have a witness who knew they where going to terminate you before you even attempted to go back to work. If your under FMLA you get medical coverage, after that ends they send you a letter asking you if you want cobra coverage which is very expensive. Do you have extended leave with union?

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